Installed Atom Plugins

I’m still ramping up with the Atom Editor at the moment, but here are the plugins I currently have installed:

Atom ships with a decent set of bundled plugins by default, so my installed list of plugins is much shorter than  for Sublime Text.


Using Google Chrome API to help keep your sanity with Outlook Webmail

I’m not entirely sure which archaic version of Microsoft Outlook we are using, but it’s the one that neglected to ship the “Check all checkboxes” option at the top of the screen. This means bulk deleting spurious emails is worse than the emails themselves.

Then once you have deleted the emails, you have to go and select all of the emails again to delete them from the Trash folder, because Microsoft also neglected to add the “Empty Trash” button.

So, Google Chrome API to the rescue.

  • Open up the console which on the mac is (ALT + CMD + i)
  • Click on “Console”
  • Where it says “top frame” on the bottom of the window, select “viewer” instead, so we can target where we are going to run the JavaScript
  • Then type in the following command:
var emails = $$('td.List > input');
for (e in emails) {
emails[e].checked = true;

Once you press enter it will select all the emails and then delete them